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Posted by: Michael T, February 21, 2007, 8:43pm
Hello and welcome to THE community for fans and owners of the 1100/1300 (ADO16) range of cars. We also welcome owners of Kit Car spin offs such as the Ranger, Magenta, and Hustler to name but a few.

The aim of our forum is to encourage Members to take part in social activities, share stories, and above all interact with fellow fans/owners of the ADO16 range.

Our community is always changing and evolving - so please take part, it always help to "break the ice" to post in our introduction page...

... but before you can continue and join in on the forum you'll need to register. Don't worry though, it takes under 2 minutes to complete!

You register by clicking here.

Once you have completed registration you must validate your account by clicking on the link in the email you will receive. If you do not complete these actions then your account will be suspended.

We also have a set of rules which our community operates by. These can be found by clicking here. It is IMPORTANT that you read them before posting on the boards. As posting is your agreement to them. It is also recommended that you review them on a regular basis, as you may/may not receive notification that they have been updated. To date, we have only banned 1 member in our 6 year history!

Stuck with something?

We've a range of Frequently Asked Questions, but if you're really stuck with something on the forum, you can always ask a Moderator, or alternatively ask fellow community members!

Support the forum:

Whilst membership to the forum is free, runs a subscription service allowing you to contribute to the cost of running the community. Currently it costs £3.00 per year (excellent value!), and unlocks additional membership options, such as additional boards. One time donations are also welcome.

To support the forum, and upgrade your membership click on this link.

Finally, thank you for visiting, and long may you enjoy your stay.


Moderator Team
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