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Michael T
June 14, 2008, 12:17am Report to Moderator

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Q: How do I post pictures?

A: Pictures really bring the forum to life - so why not read the quick guide below, and start posting those pictures today!

1. Select the forum where you wish to post your message. For example "Chit - Chat".

2. When you have clicked into the board click on the button.

3. Enter the message subject

4. Choose whether or not you wish your message is to be posted with an icon.

5. Type your message in the large text box.

6. Just below the text box you'll see the heading "Attach files".

7. Click "browse" to locate the file on your computer.

8. Once selected click "Attach and add more".

9. Repeat the process until you have added all of your pictures - Care: You can upload only 1.5mb per message... but you can reply to your original message to add additional photos.

10. Click post to view your finished message.

Your post and photo's will then be available on the forum. If your photo's are larger than 600 x 450 pixels then they will be reduced down to the standard size. This is designed to make viewing the forum easier.

The draw back to such a system is that periodically it may not work as expected i.e. pictures may appear distorted. If you click the image attached to the message then it will open it up as the correct size.


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forums.ado16.info    Information hub    Forum Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  ›  How do I post pictures?

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